Core   Activities

bullet On Farm Testing and Technology Refinement :

on-farm testing to identify the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems


On-farm experiments are conducted in the fields of representative farmers and to examine a small number of experimental variables.


 The experimental variables in an on-farm experiment may represent      exploratory factors possible solutions, or some combination of the two.


Non experimental variables are usually set at the level of representative farmer management.

bullet Training Field Functionaries

Imparting need based training to farmers and form women in location specific technologies in field, crops, horticultural crops, animal husbandry etc.

Imparting training to extension functionaries of State Development within the area of operation with emerging advances in agricultural research.

Training of extension personnel to orient them in the frontier areas of  technology development

bullet Vocational Training for Practitioners

Organization of vocational training to rural youths in dairy farming, vermicomposting, fruit & vegetable processing, poultry farming etc.

bullet Frontline Demonstrations Photos

Frontline demonstrations to establish its production potentials on the farmersí fields, training of farmers to update their knowledge and skills in modern agricultural technologies

n      To demonstrate the productive potential of newly released technologies to farmersí conditions.

n      To get first hand feedback on the contributory or limiting factors for achieving the productive potential of the new technology

n      To prepare technical leadership in the village, and

n      To organise need based training programmes for Subject Matter Specialists, Extension Workers, Farmers etc

bullet Extern Activities

        In addition, in order to speed up the process of dissemination of technology, a large number of various extension activities and production of seeds and planting materials are taken up by the KVKs.